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Here you can read and watch videos about our patients experiences at Essence of Wellness.

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Arms-up“My experience with Essence of Wellness is just what I was hoping it would be. I needed a determination of my debilitating issues so I could do something about them. Dr. Dean Smith gave me a a thorough evaluation, taking my past issues of polio into consideration and helped me find modalities I could use beyond his work on my S.I. joint which started the ball rolling in the right direction. Because I took his advice, and worked on my issues at home as well, I know what to do and who to go to if I need further help–Essence of Wellness.”


“For many years I did not believe in chiropractor services and did not think it would work. My wife had scoliosis of the back and she would always go to them and said they did wonders for her. I got a job where I have to drive 110 miles one way and started to develop back problems to the point it was hard to just sit down or walk or bend in certain ways.

I visited Doctor Dean and was still very doubtful it would work. He had me lay on my stomach and he placed a fist under my spine and rocked me back onto his fist. I went from a pain level of 9 to a level of 2 in a matter of 5 seconds. Over the course of the next 4 months I continued to have back pains but each adjustment made it a little better. He also gave me a series of stretches to help keep my back relaxed and stretched out.

I finally found out my wallet I was sitting on was causing me to sit uneven and put my spine out of adjustment. This was over 3 years ago and I have not had any problems since. If I do have any back problems I will make sure I visit Doctor Dean as soon as it starts to flare up again. I would highly recommend Essence of Wellness to anyone that has back problems to get them corrected there.”


“Dr. Dean has brought me back from being unable to stand up straight to walking tall multiple times. He has a vast amount of knowledge that gives him the ability to understand all of my skeletal and muscular physical issues. From the ganglion cyst on my wrist to the neck and spine pain from degenerative joint disease, he has given me mobility I need to perform at my job, and allows me to do daily activities that most people take for granted, like household chores, driving and dressing myself. Every time I come to see him, he takes the time to find out what is making my problem worse or better, and works to get me back on track in the shortest amount of time possible. I would recommend that everyone see a chiropractor.”

~ Anita