Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease…The chronic disease crisis we currently face must be addressed in rapid fashion. Cardiovascular (CV) and pulmonary diseases, diabetes as well as several forms of cancer are leading causes of poor health and death around the world. These conditions have a significant impact on the quality of life of individuals, families and communities, placing an unsustainable burden on health systems. Is there hope for the chronic disease crisis?? Absolutely, these conditions are largely preventable or can be delayed to much later in life through a timeless medicine called healthy living. The key factors of healthy living are physical activity (PA), healthy nutrition, not smoking and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Unfortunately, unhealthy living is spreading quickly across the globe. So what can you do to protect yourself?  Engage a healthy living lifestyle.  An individual can realize significant health benefits, potentially getting an 80% risk reduction in cardiovascular events for example. Other studies have consistently found dramatic reductions in chronic disease risk. Even for those persons at higher risk for CV disease (CVD) due to genetic predisposition, adopting the healthy living model reduces risk by approximately 50%. The science of healthy living supports its practice and such a shift will focus on prolonging the healthspan (i.e., the number of years an individual is healthy and free from debilitating disease) as opposed to the lifespan.

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