2021 Feb 26

Food and Diet Related Inflammation in Children and Adolescents

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Inflammation is a bodily response to damage of cells and tissues. It is designed to protect us from bacteria, viruses and infections by eliminating pathogens, promoting cellular repair and restoring homeostatic conditions.  However, a prolonged inflammatory state through chronic low-grade inflammation has negative effects, including irreparable damage to tissues and organs, and increased risk of [...]

2021 Feb 25

Children, Headaches and Chiropractic

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Children with recurrent headaches who received chiropractic spinal manipulation experienced fewer days with headaches compared with children receiving sham manipulation. Since the treatment is easily applicable, of low cost and with no or only mild side effects, chiropractic spinal manipulation might be considered as a valuable treatment option for children with recurrent headache. Considering the [...]

2017 Jun 18

Massage Therapy in Children with Asthma

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According to a new scientific review, from Chinese authors, massage therapy can help asthma and significantly improve pulmonary function in children. The authors of the study evaluated the efficacy of massage, a traditional treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine on children with asthma.  Fourteen studies with 1299 patients were included in the meta-analysis. Compared with [...]

2015 Dec 23

Sleep and health risk in children

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Adequate sleep is particularly important during childhood and adolescence since inadequate sleep is associated with non-optimal physical and cognitive development. A growing body of evidence suggests that inadequate sleep could be a contributing factor for weight gain and the increased prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents. Why are sleep patterns poor for some children? [...]

2015 May 16

Chiropractic at Ohio State Science Day

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I represented the Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA) as a judge today at the Ohio Academy of Science - State Science Day. Congratulations to all the great projects and our up and coming scientists!  We presented the first ever OSCA award.  Each year State Science Day brings over 1,000 of the best and brightest student scientists [...]

2015 Apr 4

Nutritional Supplementation and Autism

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New research concludes that supplementation vitamin D, tryptophan, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil would boost brain serotonin concentrations and help prevent and possibly improve some of the symptoms associated with autism without side effects.  Vitamin B6, BH4, and iron are cofactors in the serotonin pathway and may also help modulate brain serotonin levels and facilitate moderate [...]

2015 Mar 21

Diabetes Online Summit

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The Diabetes Summit was created to share the expertise of the world’s leaders to help people regain blood sugar control, live the highest quality life and even reverse type 2 and pre-diabetes. 40 powerful, expert sessions will benefit anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, as well as those who want [...]

2015 Jan 25

Dean Smith, DC, PhD – Welcome to Essence of Wellness Chiropractic Center

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Dr. Dean Smith talks about chiropractic and helping you feel better whether you have aches and pains or want to lead a life of wellness. http://youtu.be/XtGEMxYghV4

2015 Jan 6

Too Much Sitting: It’s a Killer

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Sitting.  We all do it.  Too much and it's a killer.  There is new evidence that too much sitting (also known as sedentary behavior - which involves very low energy expenditure, such as television viewing and desk-bound work) is adversely associated with health outcomes, including cardio-metabolic risk biomarkers, type 2 diabetes and premature death.  In [...]

2014 Dec 26

Dr. Dean Smith Brings Chiropractic Science Podcast to iTunes

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Available on iTunes and chiropracticscience.com. Listen to Dr. Dean's latest podcast about chiropractic pediatric research with guest Dr. Katie Pohlman. If you’d like to get each new episode of the chiropractic science podcast delivered automatically to your device, please subscribe. If you’d like to become a friend of our show, please leave a sincere review [...]

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