2014 May 3

Simple Steps to Better Health

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With the goal of making the healthy choice your easy choice, here are some simple steps to health: Remember that small changes in sleep, activity, and nutrition can make a big difference in your health. Challenge yourself weekly to gain a new healthy habit and break an old unhealthy habit. Create an environment around you [...]

2014 May 2

Treating Diabetes with Exercise

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Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, particularly as part of disease prevention rather than cure.  Lifestyle interventions including diet and exercise are the first line of  defense against issues like diabetes, and the associated metabolic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.  The benefits are typically thought of in terms of weight [...]

2014 Apr 9

Cut Your Risk of Dementia by More than 60%

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To cut your risks of developing dementia by more than 60%, a new study suggests following five healthy lifestyle behaviors. Most important is getting regular exercise, followed by: not-smoking achieving healthy bodyweight eating a healthy diet low alcohol intake The study tracked the health habits of 2,235 men over a 35-year and found that exercise [...]

2014 Mar 11

Exercise. No comparison.

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There is strong scientific evidence detailing the beneficial effects of regular exercise, which are likely to go well beyond reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors. Furthermore, exercise benefits can overcome those of common drugs when one considers that exercise combines preventive, multi-system effects with little adverse consequences and at lower cost.  Exercise, and especially contracting muscle, is certainly a source of numerous drug-like molecules with [...]

2014 Mar 10

Pharmaceuticals or Lifestyle?

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Medicine has progressed very rapidly over the recent years. Communicable diseases, which were the leading causes of mortality, are not so anymore, especially in developed countries. Currently, non-communicable diseases are more prevalent, and most of them are related to changes in our daily habits (such as reduced physical activity and consumption of an unhealthy diet) and degenerative processes. Most of these [...]

2014 Feb 20

Chiropractic Improves Neck Pain in Seniors

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Neck pain is a considerable healthcare problem for individuals of all ages. About 20% of individuals 70 years of age and older experience neck pain at least once a month. Neck pain is also associated with other health complaints and poorer self-rated health. A new study investigated the effectiveness of chiropractic care (consisting of manipulation, [...]

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